mz de jess et pierre

Jessica & Eric If I had to do it all over again !

When did I get married? That’s a good question. It all depends on the reference: Civil or religious?
I had to adapt to a bad joke from the town hall of my hometown of Pas-de-Calais, which initially said yes to me to marry her on October 13, 2012 and which 3 months before the day D informs me that an exhibition will be organized that day in the entrance hall of the establishment and that therefore my wedding will not be celebrated there.

Since all the preparations for the church and the celebration had already been made, I had no choice but to do civil work on Monday 13 August in my Parisian home town, surrounded by my dear and tender life companion for 11 years (and 14 years of friendship) and our witnesses.
However, this did not prevent me from having the wedding dress and gardens of the Château de Louveciennes for the country meal, however small the committee was.

Mairage Pierre et Jessica

If I had to remember only one thing… difficult question, there is time, but I think I can say that it was when I walked down the aisle with my older sister Cathy. She has always been there for me since I was born. My relationship with my father was always special, so he did not respond to my invitation. So it was without hesitation that I asked the person who had always supported me to accompany me to my future husband.

The room, I won’t change it. The setting was superb and the meal was as good as our past tastings.
The organization, I did it from A to Z with the help of my family and friends, which created a beautiful community of girls, brought many laughs and unforgettable memories by the dozen.
If I really had to make a big change, it would be in the choice of guests. But it allows us to see where the people who really love us are.

photo de mariage de Jess et Pierre

The Sabrina Trefle bag that could have been by my side on this great day… it’s not Sab’s pieces that are missing at home, but none discreet enough to accompany me in my virginal whiteness XD That’s the problem when you like flash colors.

However, during my marriages I was lucky enough to have my entourage to meet all my needs as a bride with my head in the air and I didn’t need a bag. But if it were a remake, I would definitely turn to a Gloria! I love their refined, sober and elegant shape. Off-white with small silver patterns would have perfectly enhanced my dresses. Sabrina, I’m counting on you for my next wedding anniversary.

sac gloria mariage sabrina trefle

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