After starting with children’s creations, then home decoration, I finally took the path of women’s accessories, because I couldn’t find what I wanted in the store. Like that big bag the XXL. One day it was borrowed from me, then returned to me with an order for two similar shopping bags, that’s how the Sabrina Trefle adventure began. Today I sew and sell bags and pouches! I even make personalized bags to attend weddings! I’m telling you a confidence “I love my job!”








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Sabrina Trefle is my eponymous brand! I create retro bags and accessories that have been updated. My credo: Like yesterday, with today’s style!
“For one night!.. “I offer you bags with timeless patterns: peas, flowers, geometric shapes. Find in my shop these patterns that can be applied to my different pockets and bags. Of all formats, there will be one that will suit you.

“I want something unique!” Are you looking for a model that suits your image? I am here to make it tailor-made for you! For your wedding, for a ceremony, we see together, step by step, to make you THE model of bag or pouch that meets your desires. Feel free to contact me via the contact form.
“To offer! “For your family or friends: mother, daughters, granddaughters, cousins, wedding witnesses, etc. Why don’t you just enjoy yourself? This is also possible!

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