Sabrina Trefle is my eponymous brand! I create retro bags and accessories that are in tune with today’s tastes. My credo: Like yesterday, with today’s style!

like yesterday with today’s style

product sabrina trefle

But for what occasions ?

« For a party!… «  I offer you bags with timeless patterns: polka dots, flowers, geometric shapes. You will find in my shop these patterns that can be adapted to my different pockets and bags. Of all sizes, there will be one that suits you.

« I want something unique! » Are you looking for a model in your image? I’m here to make it to measure for you! For your wedding, for a ceremony, we see together, step by step, to make you THE model of bag or pouch answering your desires. Do not hesitate to contact me via the contact form.

« To offer ! «  For your family or your entourage: mother, daughters, granddaughters, cousins, wedding witnesses, etc… And if you simply treat yourself? That is also possible!

My name is really like that ! Sabrina Trefle (clover) with 4 leaves preferably and without emphasis on the « e » of TREFLE ! 

After starting with children’s creations, then home decoration, I finally took the path of women’s accessories, as I couldn’t find what I wanted in the shops. Like this big bag the XXL. One day it was borrowed from me, then returned to me with an order for two similar bags, that’s how the Sabrina Trefle adventure began.

Today I sew and sell bags and accessories « au féminin »! I even make personalized bags or accessories for your events or your daily life !

purse for women
men's purse
cindy avec le sac week end sabrina trefle en hollande